Sunday, January 7, 2007

Amelia G's list ...

Hello -- I'm Amelia, mom, fiber fanatic, and The Bellwether. My most favorite fibery thing to do is actually to wash and card fleeces, spinning second, knitting third. I'm hoping to get more into weaving within the next decade, too!

My list ...

  • Handspun cotton/woven undulating twill tote bag for my book charka. Not as hard as it sounds ("undulating!") but the handspun part is the hang-up here. I think there's about 6" or more on the loom already. Last time I touched the weaving, my son was in Third Grade (did a demo for his class with it!) -- and now he's in Fifth Grade and we've moved twice. 2/14/07 update: no progress yet in 2007, other than watching "Ghandi" (the movie) and drooling over their charkhas; at least I was spinning or knitting while it played! I think this is on semi-permanent hold!
  • Hooked pillow-cover -- started in a class, I'd like to finish it! (ok, there are two of these -- the small one is a sheep, maybe a trivet? the large one is a rose)2/14/07 update: haven't located it in the project bin again yet ... !
  • bead-knit mini purse (from a kit) 2/14/07: ditto
  • bead-crochet mini purse (from a kit) 2/14/07: ditto
  • Touche arm and hand warmers (see the pattern here) -- in greens -- now I'm up to the first checkerboard pattern on the first one! yay! 7/25/07: finished the first one in June, yay! now I need to think on what sort of slip-stitch I'd like do to for the second. not another fair-isle to match, that's for sure!
  • alpaca fingerless gloves 2/14/07: touched the tote the project is in, but no needles clicking here ... the yarn's so fine, it takes some mental energy to gear up to this one again ...
  • handspun socks with "mermaid" cuff from Neatby's book 7/25/07: This has advanced to "car-knitting" and I've made a little progress on it - yay!
  • re-knit my tinked sock machine socks from Optim yarn I dyed (didn't spin it) 7/25/07: knit and sent as a gift! the yarn was perfect for my SIL as a master's graduation gift (even in summer in LA!)
  • inkle shoe-laces in purple-and-white cotton 2/14/07: this one was only listed for completeness ... the inkle, I tell myself, looks so cute perched on the windowsill. Operative word "perched"...
  • hand-spun nalbound hat (from Schmitt's new nalbinding book) 7/25/07: underway -- and will be handy given I'm teaching this weekend at Lacey!
  • block my new shawl-ette to see how it really looks, and write down the pattern -- Jan 07 -- yay! it's blocked and lovely, so I must get writing!
  • felt my moebius knit totebag (need to get a balloon for this step) - DONE Jan 07 three trips through the washer, and it's cute!
  • type up my Son's Scarf pattern now that it's knit and being worn!
  • Spin and knit the Jacob wool into the Oregon tote. Cute because the Jacob fleece is from Oregon too! 31 Jan 07 -- finished the spinning! 7/27/07 -- knitted and in-felting. It's not felting -- 10 times through the washer and it's still 90% it's original size. sigh. Could be our HOT isn't so hot. I'll keep trying.

I know there's more in the UFO basket, but these are what come
to mind!

Then there is the list of things I'd like to start (and finish!) ...

  • twill alpaca scarf (weaving) -- have the yarn for it set aside! 7/27/07 -- permanent hold on this one, at least for now...
  • socks for my sister in law 7/25/07 -- did it, with the optim above!
  • arm/hand warmers on the sock machine
  • DD's "backup" scarf -- promised her one! 7/25/07 -- did it!

What amazes me is how "permanent" this list is for me ... things aren't really dropping off, not much has been added (well, I didn't put them in anyway -- does a missing sweater count? as in, I'm going to knit it, but it's not on the list yet?) but still it's great to see I've made some progress!


Elysbeth said...

A shawl-ette? Keep talking baby. When do we get photos? : )

Amelia, belle of The Bellwether said...

hehe. I finally got it posted. It's small, most patterns out there seem to call these scarves -- but they are triangles, so not the scarf I'm used to. So, "Shawlette". I will work on a photo of it. It's cool! Purple and orange, very snazzy. I used "madeira lace" as the repeat (from Barbara Walker's books) -- it looks a bit like spiders!

Elysbeth said...

Very Exciting! Photo, photo, photo.

Elysbeth said...

Thank you for the hints for finding sock spinning tips : )

Amelia, belle of The Bellwether said...

OK, the shawlette photo is here:
And I have a friend "test knitting" a scrawled version of the pattern for me -- we'll see how it goes!