Friday, January 26, 2007

Frogging by Jenna

One of my UFO's has been taken care of by just frogging the thing! It WAS a shawl with different bands of yarns with a black alpaca base. I didn't use the alpaca in the bands..just the different yarns and found that I didn't like it that way as it looked a bit disconnected to me. So I frogged it and am going to re-do it with the alpaca all the way will that count as a new project or as a UFO that I am finishing?

I still have yet another shawl out of a very thin yarn (and not so soft!) I planned on a summer shawl but when I started it I didn't like the feel of was too rough and not open needs to be frogged too!,a hat for my grandson and another for his sister, a pair of felted clogs, several pairs of started and not finished socks, and some things that I haven't unpacked yet and have forgotten about!! I moved recently so there are UFO's in a box somewhere on my porch.

I also have spinning UFO's..but I am supposing that they will not count here. I have several skeins of alpaca done for a shawl....but more fiber in the bag to be done, and some lace weight I have been spinning for my grandaughters project for Valentines day, and some grey shetland that I am spindling in lace weight which I will then dye and mix with another spun yarn for a shawl to sell. I am hoping that they also count as UFO's!

I am hoping that this group will give me a needed kick in the behind to get these things finished so that I can make an earlier than usual start on my Christmas knitting/weaving! I want to be done with that knitting by Thanksgiving so that I am not under the usual pressure of knitting/weaving at the very last moment before the gift is due!


Elysbeth said...

Definitely agree with you on the end of year pressure.

As a new spinner I am in awe of what you have listed as already done. Sometimes, I think, we look at what is left to do and forget what has already been accomplished.

Definitely frog what you don't love. We've all worn projects/clothes that were close but not quite right. Bleah.

Elysbeth said...

Hot pour dyeing - there are lots of people who can really give you the indepth on it. I am just a dilettante. But basically, you wet your roving in warm water, all the way through. Then place it in simmering water that has vinegar in it. (I use a turkey roaster I got at SA for 3 dollars) Then use water of the same temperature to mix your dye (I used Jacquard Acid dyes) in separate cups. Then pour the dye over the segment, slowly so that it will sink to the bottom of the pan. You do One color at a time starting with the lightest. And let it simmer between each color until the water runs clear (about 5 minutes). It takes very little dye to do 1/2 lb of roving and you can get a nice mix. I've done sock yarns this way also. The placement of the dye determines the spacing of the color. I learned it from Twisted Sisters sock workbook. A few photos of a sock yarn I did at :

Hope this helps.

Leah said...

Hi Jenna and welcome! Sure, spinning UFO's count :) And I think that something you've ripped and restarted still qualifies as a UFO :) Jeez...we have to have SOME FUN here, don't we???