Sunday, January 7, 2007

Welcome UFO Knit Club Team Members!

I've finally created the so-far-really-simple blogs for us to use. This one is for maintaining your UFO lists and any personal info you want to share. You can post pics here if you like, etc. and you can maintain your list as well.


Please use ONE POST for yourself can come back to it at anytime and edit it as needed but I want to keep this as clean as possible from the standpoint of having each team member use one post to maintain this particular info. Please title your post here with your name or blogger handle (whichever you prefer to use) so that you can find yourself again :) If you use your first name, please include a last initial in case there are more than one of you with that first name.

We have another blog to post to in the "normal" manner...meaning that you can go there to post about your projects and progress in normal blogger creating a new post as you desire. It will be the main blog for us and the one you use most often. There will be a link at the top of the other blog back to this one so we can see each other's lists and info.
I hope this makes sense to you and if it doesn't, please get in touch with Leah on the yahoo list and we'll fix you up!
I'll post my list so that you can see what I mean and I'll be editing it later...for now, I just want to get one up there as an example :)

So, get busy and post those lists UFO Knitters!

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