Sunday, January 7, 2007

Leah C's List

Hello! I'm Leah, your hostess, and here's my list (which is not complete and I'll be fixing later!) I just want to toss some stuff out here as an example...

I'm a married woman living in Michigan and I own a yarn/fiber shop and an online store. My hobbies are knitting, spinning, gardening and collecting way too many patterns, yarns, fiber and spindles. I only have 2 spinning wheels though :) I'm one of those people who can't resist the excitement of starting a new project and I NEED to finish up some of those UFO's!

I thought I might show a photo of a sweater I actually did complete (and love!) that was a 2-year UFO!
I'm not sure that I'll swear off new projects during this process BUT I am swearing off starting anything new until I finish ONE project on this list (and it won't be the Sheep Shawl~ that does NOT COUNT!)
I'M GOING TO BE DELETING MY FO's IN JANUARY ... and shamefully carrying over WAY too many of these items into 2008.

1. Fiber Trends Sheep Shawl in laceweight Jaggerspun Zephyr
2. Funky scarf/vest from Knit 1 in my own handspun (DONE 11/07)
3. Dr. Who Scarf (OMG ! don't ask! )
4. One more Yukon sock not even cast on yet
5. One more of my Dad's Christmas socks ~ DONE DONE DONE ~ 2/07!
6. Mesilla t-shirt from UGH!!! Ripping candidate!
7. Heart Strings Lacey Riverine scarf in pink Jaggerspun Zephyr Sigh...if I had some time at work to knit...if I could find the pattern even...

8. Original Ripples in my Stash scarf for shop (finish scarf and write up pattern) ~ SCARF DONE, pattern NOT and probably wont' be since I'm not super thrilled with the scarf at all...

9. Ripples shop Scarf of the Month sample and pattern (Done!)

10. Embellish Hairy Felt Bag for shop sample, possible kit (abandoned for now...where IS the hairy felt bag????)

11. New project as of 10/07 ~ Bonnet scarf from Knit 2 Together in Paton Soy Wool in baby blue

12. Denimy wool outdoor chores sweater for me from Weekend Knits ~ New as of 11/07. Am now knitting the split at front and back

13. Chevron Waistcoat from Knitter's (spring or summer 07) started in August 07. Turned out too big and my Mom is trying to fix it since she knows I'm disgusted and will toss it into the basket and not work on it forever. When she's done, I can pick up and knit the edgings.

14. Baby hat from Itty Bitty Hats. Started last spring (07) and all that's left is the tulle topper part :)

15. Summer Tunic from Spring Interweave Knits...all that's left is threading the ribbon through and tying on some beads. Started in summer 07.

16. Finishing up the pretty pink washcloths for my new bathroom, whenever THAT gets done. I've knit one and have to knit probably 2 more or as many as my yarn allows. Soft, nubby baby pink cotton ~ yum!

I also have a "knitting obligations" list ~ things I have the stuff for and need to get busy and do for friends and family! It goes something like this:

1. Ribbed hat for my niece ~ I should check and make sure the yarn still matches this year's coat...sigh...
2. Mini sock for my mom to give a friend (FO!)
3. Earflap hat for best friend ~
FINI! FO! DONE! Now working on matching mittens
4. Lacey capelet knit out of best friend's handspun (I'm shooting for her january b'day 08 on this one...and not even cast on yet....)

5. Wool scarf for a man who works next door to my shop and shovels my walk (who went whacko and scarf necessary ~ abandoned!)

6. Black alpaca scarf for husband (who thinks he doesn't need a scarf...what the hell is wrong with him???) I'm thinking this is so not happening but Christmas is coming and I do have some black alpaca I was saving for much do I love him????

7. New as of 11/07 ~ Custom huge man sweater order ~ Mari pattern, placket hoodie with pocket and 58" chest ~ YIKES! Getting close to having the back finished

8. Knit bag for Gail at work in trade for lots of cones of yarn

9. Dye and knit hat for Sara at work

10. Test-felt hand-dyed mohair yarn for felted bag for Dodi at work

11. Hat and scarf for Billie at the antique shop where my booth is

12. Christmas socks for Mom and Dad (iffy!)

13. Baby Kimono from Lion Brand site for a distant cousin by marriage's baby shower on December 8th (bulky so yay!) I already have 2 hats for her and a small something else so I'm good so far...

And there's the Spinning UFO List (which does not constitute the huge amount of fiber I haven't even begun to spin yet!) I've vowed NOT to spin another thing until I finish these so...

1. Ply some dyed alpaca singles for sale in the shop ~ NOW A FO! Even washed and all that... And sold!

2. Finish plying my very first handspun sock yarn and make some sox! Plying is done but sox are a still a dream! (and I've discovered that the wool isn't really superwash but that's OK ~ at least I know!)

3. Finish spinning the rest of the "Jim's Special" roving I used to spin and knit Mom's Christmas shawl (spinning done but plying is not!)
FO! It's done and this reminds me...I spun it out in the washer this morning and it's still in there...YIKES! :)

4. Spin rest of hand-dyed alpaca and ply for shop DONE! (and sold :)

5. finish combing a cria fleece & spin

6. finish combing a wacky dyed shetland fleece and spin ~ DONE & Blogged on Yarn Tales!

7. Ply alpaca lace-weight on Bosworth Featherweight Spindle ~ help...this requires andean makes me procrastinate more than andean plying....

8. New as of 11/07 ~ custom spinning order ~ 4# of bearnese mountain dog hair and merino in bulky weight

9. Try and get more of this one roving I bought at Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool and spin up 8 oz total for Mom for Christmas (I have four ounces now)

10. Currently on spindles...11/07 ~ Rambouillet, black alpaca, red kid mohair on featherweight


Elysbeth said...

I always figured starting a new project was the crush phase. Totally enamoured. Then the project starts leaving the OJ empty in the fridge and we settle into maturity.
Since I'm happily married and plan to stay that way, I figure a little fling with a project can't be all bad : )

Elysbeth said...

What fiber and what thickness are your singles for your socks? Enquiring minds : )

Leah said...

The fiber I used is a superwash from Zeilinger's Woolen Mill and I'm not sure about wpi...I'm sure I have it written down somewhere but it's between a sport and fingering weight anyway :)

Elysbeth said...

Sigh, my singles will never be that thin. I envy y'all.

Congratulations on the FO! Confetti, Confetti, oops, confetti in the coffee, gotta dash.