Friday, January 26, 2007

Phyl in Redford

I sincerely hope that posting with others will encourage me (okay, kick me in the @$$) to finish some of these UFOs before starting others. I seem to have a terrible case of cast-on-itis. I picked up my needles about 10 months ago after a 20 year hiatus. Guess I've been trying to make up for lost time. On the needles currently:
a. 4 shawls
b. 4 pairs of socks
c. a twisted lace scarf
d. mittens that are about to be frogged.

Add to that, I've decided to learn to use a drop spindle. And I have several patterns sitting, begging to be knit.

On a positive note, I have managed to not cast on more socks until at least one more pair is finished. I have one pair of socks (actually 1/2 of the first sock) that I'll probably frog. Not in love with the pattern. And one of the shawls is a repeat of a pattern finished in a similar yarn, so I could probably reduce my UFOs by frogging it. I'll never understand the people who can work on a single project at a time.

1-30-07 Update
Frogged one shawl, a silk modular tie (that I forgot to list), a bag (that I forgot to list because I hate the yarn!), the mittens, and I'm going to frog one pair of socks — if I can find them. Add to the list one pullover sweater with about 2 inches of the back done. With that small a start, does it really count as a UFO?

Had one toe-up sock almost finished when I decided that I could not live with the color pooling at the front of the ankle. Frogged it back to where the gusset started and switched to a different heel. It's back up to the leg patterning, and no pooling this time. Not crazy about the heel, but it's better than the color pooling.

2-10-07 Update
Finished my Monkey socks and frogged 2 other pairs. One I just plain didn't like and the other was coming out too small. After finishing Monkey, I started a new pair with some Tofutsies, so I now only have 2 pairs started, the Tofutsies and some Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch. Oh, and I also frogged one of the shawls last week. Now if I could just manage to clean my office...

Melissa's UFO Compendium

Here are some projects that qualify for UFO status (as opposed to WIP - works in progress, meaning ones that are in the knitting bag being actively worked on, and WIW -- works in waiting, or those for which their is an idea or pattern and yarn, maybe even a swatch, but no item begun). I believe that it's okay to let go of a project and decide it's not worth doing (I've got some of those too, mostly small stuff like two inches of sweater that I just haven't gotten around to frogging.) I've also got all but the finishing on a sweater for the man who is now my EX-husband... can't decide whether to finish it for my son or trash it. All that said, what I'm putting on this UFO list are the projects that I love but went wrong somehow, or projects which are objectively wonderful but which no longer excite me for various reasons. I'm hoping to solicit some feedback about what to do with these -- rip, reconfigure, or buckle down and finish. Here goes:

CELTIC COLORWORK SWEATER. Pictured to the right, this sweater was started about ten years ago. It is being knit from yarn that I spun, and the design is mine using charted designs from a Dover Celtic Charts book. Two problems with the sweater: the sweater and I are no longer the same size, and second, the handpainted roving that I purchased and spun, and which features prominently in the design, has faded terribly. What was rich but muted berry, green and blue shades is now pastel -- it hardly shows in the picture. This coulda woulda been a real show-stopper, but it's stuck. I'd like to at least rescue the center panel somehow, although maybe I should finish, go on a diet, and forget that the colors have faded -- opinions on this appreciated.

DOMINO SWEATER in Trekking Ombre sock yarn. I was using a knitpicks pattern for this sweater, which called for one of their sock yarns. I love how the Trekking colors change, and was (am) really excited about a sweater in this yarn, but I've run into a problem. The pattern gave gauge in stockinette: sweater is knit in garter stitch. I matched gauge and set off, but I'm pretty sure this is coming out WAY too big -- I know it's consuming yarn too fast, and the sweater was supposed to hit your waist, and this piece comes down mid-thigh (this is half of the back, shown sideways in the picture.) I could make a big oversized long vest, buy more yarn and make a much bigger looser sweater than I intended, rip it out (ouch), just keep knitting and make a shawl (which I'd never use), or....

LACE CARDIGAN in handspun handpainted 100%mohair. Nice pattern (from an old Knitter's Mag) worked from cuff to cuff... wrong yarn. You can't see the lace. Second problem -- I hate the colors. I know I picked the fiber and spun a sweater's worth of it, but it's more pastel-y and grey than I like now. My mind says frog it, overdye the yarn and go on with life. Does anyone want to talk me out of that? That's a fair amount of lace knitting (that is invisible due to the yarn) that I'm taking about ripping. This pattern was shown using a very smooth cabled yarn with ridges of ribbon separating the lace patterns -- what was I thinking to use a fuzzy variagated mohair? Come to think of it, fuzzy yarns aren't really me anyway, maybe I'll sell this handspun on ebay or open an etsy shop.

Those are the projects that are far enough along to qualify as UFO's. I also have a felted bag that just needs the handles, and a mercerized cotton sweater that I've done three inches on and will probably frog and make into sofa pillows or a different sweater... As far as works in progress, all I've got actively on the needles is a spiral shawl in 3/28 cashmere. I'm giving a little class to my local fiber group in February on spiral shaping and it's uses, so I want to get this shawl done to have as an example. I want to make at least one spiral cotton pillow as well, but that's a quick project. I just spun some yarn to make a pair of socks, and I really want to make a wool afgan for my living room -- but I might crochet that. I'd also like a summer weight sweater or two. Anyway, I'd like to get closure on these UFO projects, so I welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Feb. 9th --

I decided to add to my list the items that I consider WIP's -- works in progress -- since they are in danger of UFO status at any second...!!! So here are some more things for ya!

Spiral Lace Shawl, in 3/28 cashmere from Colourmart. This now is, I believe, to the point that I should stop increasing and begin the border (thus, I good place to get stuck -- I've got 512 stitches on the needles, which means a whole lot of sideways edging to knit onto it... lets see, 1024 rows worth if I'm doing the math right). I'm doing a mini-class next month (March) on this type of spiral increase for my local fiber group, so it would be wonderful to have this done by then.

BUT I'm getting distracted... next item up is also spiral, and would also be nice to have done for the class. A spiral pillow top in Cotton Fleece, color "candy apple", which is a warm brick red that I absolutely adore and which will look lovely in my living room. I like the color, and this yarn, and the spiral technique so much that I'm thinking about getting enough yarn to do an entire afgan to go with the pillow.

I came up with the idea of doing a spiral pillow for my living room and as a sample for this workshop, and remembered that I had some worsted weight silk yarn in the perfect color. I went searching for the yarn, and lo and behold, instead of a bag of yarn I found this half finished gansey patterned cardigan! I like it -- it looks like it would fit. So here's another UFO for the list!

Another item that I would like to finish soon, so that I can wear it this season at least once, is this sweater made of handspun yarn. What you see is balls of yarn on top of the back of the sweater, which I've already knit. It's hard to tell how much yarn to spin for a project like this, so I spun what I thought was enough, and started knitting. The back of the sweater used almost half of the yarn, so I need to spin more yarn. Luckily I still have a good sized ball of the fiber. I'm using a commercially prepared multicolored merino/wool roving and plying two plies of that with one ply of a solid medium blue. It's knitting up at 6 stitches/inch -- I'm doing the plainest most simple drop-shouldered sweater you could imagine and letting the yarn do the design work. I'm really pleased with how this yarn is turning out. I'm doing the knitting of this sweater on a standard gauge knitting machine that recently bought and am just learning to use. Not that I'll ever abandon hand knitting -- just thought I could whip up some things in the finer yarns that I like to wear, and maybe make some items for sale, but I'm finding machine knitting is a whole different world unto itself (and proving to myself that you don't HAVE to use those acrylic coned yarns that most machine knitters seem to be in love with).

On to more UFOs. Here's an easy one -- a bag I knitted and felted that needs handles and a lining. I was thinking of maybe needle-felting some flowers and swirls on it, but technically I don't HAVE to do that in order to call it done.

I'm also playing around with some bulky Lamb's Pride and thinking I might want to make a thick wool afgan. Not committed to this as a project yet... it could be a phase induced by the frigid weather we have outside right now, but the children are fighting over a 20 year old wool blanket that I dug out of the closet, so at least momentarily it seems like a good idea (am I kidding myself to think that it would be quick?) Leah said I should put it on the list, so here it is. I also want to dye and machine knit a sweater before a trip at the end of June, and I bought stuff for the gansey knit-a-long in the EZas Pi yahoo group (though maybe I'm nuts on that). So, here's an updated list My next goal should be to get SOMETHING in the "finished objects" category!!!

Frogging by Jenna

One of my UFO's has been taken care of by just frogging the thing! It WAS a shawl with different bands of yarns with a black alpaca base. I didn't use the alpaca in the bands..just the different yarns and found that I didn't like it that way as it looked a bit disconnected to me. So I frogged it and am going to re-do it with the alpaca all the way will that count as a new project or as a UFO that I am finishing?

I still have yet another shawl out of a very thin yarn (and not so soft!) I planned on a summer shawl but when I started it I didn't like the feel of was too rough and not open needs to be frogged too!,a hat for my grandson and another for his sister, a pair of felted clogs, several pairs of started and not finished socks, and some things that I haven't unpacked yet and have forgotten about!! I moved recently so there are UFO's in a box somewhere on my porch.

I also have spinning UFO's..but I am supposing that they will not count here. I have several skeins of alpaca done for a shawl....but more fiber in the bag to be done, and some lace weight I have been spinning for my grandaughters project for Valentines day, and some grey shetland that I am spindling in lace weight which I will then dye and mix with another spun yarn for a shawl to sell. I am hoping that they also count as UFO's!

I am hoping that this group will give me a needed kick in the behind to get these things finished so that I can make an earlier than usual start on my Christmas knitting/weaving! I want to be done with that knitting by Thanksgiving so that I am not under the usual pressure of knitting/weaving at the very last moment before the gift is due!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Karen in northern MI

Read about Leah doing this on Spindlers and thought it might provide a kick in the but when I read about everyone else finishing their projects.
The projects I have to do are:
1. Scarf for DH (this might be kind of hard since I accidently left it at my parent's house at Christmas) - finished (doing happy dance)
2. Vest out of my first handspun
3. Sweater out of some berry colored wool that is still being spun - yarn spun, designing sweater
4. Spindle spun sampler socks
5. Woven tote bags that I started to measure the warp for.
6. Lace stole from Melanie's first stole along (Leda's Dream from pinklemontwist).
7. Felted tote bag I started in February.

I know I have more, but I can't think of them currently.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Pam UFO list

1. my sons train blanket made out of light baby blue cashmere. I have 5 of the 12 blocks completed and working on the 6th block.-NOW HAVE 6 BLOCKS DONE
2. my very first sock. I only have about 3 1/5 inches of the leg done. I think the k2p2 thing is really boring so I might try it with a pattern that is more intersting. we'll see.- this is going to the pond.... The frog pond!
3. my mystery shawl KAL. DONE I'LL POST PICTURES WHEN I GET IT BLOCKED. It's smaller than I thought it would be but Trinity has taken a liking to it so it will be for her. STILL NEED TO BLOCK AS OF 4/4/07
4. a light greeen cashmere lace scarf for my sister in law that is a little over half done.


6. blue/purple socks for Autumn started--first one done and second started 2/14/07. FINISHED 3/8/07 and she even wore them to school today:))

7. angora scarf about 7 inches done
8. Long fitted cardigan from Knit it magazine Fall 2006. Have about 5inches of back piece done. Knitting it in a wine colored 100% alpaca AS OF 4/4/07 FINISHED BACK PIECE TODAY AND STARTED LEFT SIDE PIECE.
9. New mystery shawl in handspun 50 silk 50 wool. have clues 1 and 2 done.- done and blocked
10 supersock triangle shaws charts one and two done 6/7/07

11. cream alpaca fan and feather stole started
12. dress for my friends daughter Maya adapted from a swing top pattern started 6/4/07
13. 2 baby lace hats out of merino wool started 5/20/07

Pam in Iowa

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Amelia G's list ...

Hello -- I'm Amelia, mom, fiber fanatic, and The Bellwether. My most favorite fibery thing to do is actually to wash and card fleeces, spinning second, knitting third. I'm hoping to get more into weaving within the next decade, too!

My list ...

  • Handspun cotton/woven undulating twill tote bag for my book charka. Not as hard as it sounds ("undulating!") but the handspun part is the hang-up here. I think there's about 6" or more on the loom already. Last time I touched the weaving, my son was in Third Grade (did a demo for his class with it!) -- and now he's in Fifth Grade and we've moved twice. 2/14/07 update: no progress yet in 2007, other than watching "Ghandi" (the movie) and drooling over their charkhas; at least I was spinning or knitting while it played! I think this is on semi-permanent hold!
  • Hooked pillow-cover -- started in a class, I'd like to finish it! (ok, there are two of these -- the small one is a sheep, maybe a trivet? the large one is a rose)2/14/07 update: haven't located it in the project bin again yet ... !
  • bead-knit mini purse (from a kit) 2/14/07: ditto
  • bead-crochet mini purse (from a kit) 2/14/07: ditto
  • Touche arm and hand warmers (see the pattern here) -- in greens -- now I'm up to the first checkerboard pattern on the first one! yay! 7/25/07: finished the first one in June, yay! now I need to think on what sort of slip-stitch I'd like do to for the second. not another fair-isle to match, that's for sure!
  • alpaca fingerless gloves 2/14/07: touched the tote the project is in, but no needles clicking here ... the yarn's so fine, it takes some mental energy to gear up to this one again ...
  • handspun socks with "mermaid" cuff from Neatby's book 7/25/07: This has advanced to "car-knitting" and I've made a little progress on it - yay!
  • re-knit my tinked sock machine socks from Optim yarn I dyed (didn't spin it) 7/25/07: knit and sent as a gift! the yarn was perfect for my SIL as a master's graduation gift (even in summer in LA!)
  • inkle shoe-laces in purple-and-white cotton 2/14/07: this one was only listed for completeness ... the inkle, I tell myself, looks so cute perched on the windowsill. Operative word "perched"...
  • hand-spun nalbound hat (from Schmitt's new nalbinding book) 7/25/07: underway -- and will be handy given I'm teaching this weekend at Lacey!
  • block my new shawl-ette to see how it really looks, and write down the pattern -- Jan 07 -- yay! it's blocked and lovely, so I must get writing!
  • felt my moebius knit totebag (need to get a balloon for this step) - DONE Jan 07 three trips through the washer, and it's cute!
  • type up my Son's Scarf pattern now that it's knit and being worn!
  • Spin and knit the Jacob wool into the Oregon tote. Cute because the Jacob fleece is from Oregon too! 31 Jan 07 -- finished the spinning! 7/27/07 -- knitted and in-felting. It's not felting -- 10 times through the washer and it's still 90% it's original size. sigh. Could be our HOT isn't so hot. I'll keep trying.

I know there's more in the UFO basket, but these are what come
to mind!

Then there is the list of things I'd like to start (and finish!) ...

  • twill alpaca scarf (weaving) -- have the yarn for it set aside! 7/27/07 -- permanent hold on this one, at least for now...
  • socks for my sister in law 7/25/07 -- did it, with the optim above!
  • arm/hand warmers on the sock machine
  • DD's "backup" scarf -- promised her one! 7/25/07 -- did it!

What amazes me is how "permanent" this list is for me ... things aren't really dropping off, not much has been added (well, I didn't put them in anyway -- does a missing sweater count? as in, I'm going to knit it, but it's not on the list yet?) but still it's great to see I've made some progress!

Leah C's List

Hello! I'm Leah, your hostess, and here's my list (which is not complete and I'll be fixing later!) I just want to toss some stuff out here as an example...

I'm a married woman living in Michigan and I own a yarn/fiber shop and an online store. My hobbies are knitting, spinning, gardening and collecting way too many patterns, yarns, fiber and spindles. I only have 2 spinning wheels though :) I'm one of those people who can't resist the excitement of starting a new project and I NEED to finish up some of those UFO's!

I thought I might show a photo of a sweater I actually did complete (and love!) that was a 2-year UFO!
I'm not sure that I'll swear off new projects during this process BUT I am swearing off starting anything new until I finish ONE project on this list (and it won't be the Sheep Shawl~ that does NOT COUNT!)
I'M GOING TO BE DELETING MY FO's IN JANUARY ... and shamefully carrying over WAY too many of these items into 2008.

1. Fiber Trends Sheep Shawl in laceweight Jaggerspun Zephyr
2. Funky scarf/vest from Knit 1 in my own handspun (DONE 11/07)
3. Dr. Who Scarf (OMG ! don't ask! )
4. One more Yukon sock not even cast on yet
5. One more of my Dad's Christmas socks ~ DONE DONE DONE ~ 2/07!
6. Mesilla t-shirt from UGH!!! Ripping candidate!
7. Heart Strings Lacey Riverine scarf in pink Jaggerspun Zephyr Sigh...if I had some time at work to knit...if I could find the pattern even...

8. Original Ripples in my Stash scarf for shop (finish scarf and write up pattern) ~ SCARF DONE, pattern NOT and probably wont' be since I'm not super thrilled with the scarf at all...

9. Ripples shop Scarf of the Month sample and pattern (Done!)

10. Embellish Hairy Felt Bag for shop sample, possible kit (abandoned for now...where IS the hairy felt bag????)

11. New project as of 10/07 ~ Bonnet scarf from Knit 2 Together in Paton Soy Wool in baby blue

12. Denimy wool outdoor chores sweater for me from Weekend Knits ~ New as of 11/07. Am now knitting the split at front and back

13. Chevron Waistcoat from Knitter's (spring or summer 07) started in August 07. Turned out too big and my Mom is trying to fix it since she knows I'm disgusted and will toss it into the basket and not work on it forever. When she's done, I can pick up and knit the edgings.

14. Baby hat from Itty Bitty Hats. Started last spring (07) and all that's left is the tulle topper part :)

15. Summer Tunic from Spring Interweave Knits...all that's left is threading the ribbon through and tying on some beads. Started in summer 07.

16. Finishing up the pretty pink washcloths for my new bathroom, whenever THAT gets done. I've knit one and have to knit probably 2 more or as many as my yarn allows. Soft, nubby baby pink cotton ~ yum!

I also have a "knitting obligations" list ~ things I have the stuff for and need to get busy and do for friends and family! It goes something like this:

1. Ribbed hat for my niece ~ I should check and make sure the yarn still matches this year's coat...sigh...
2. Mini sock for my mom to give a friend (FO!)
3. Earflap hat for best friend ~
FINI! FO! DONE! Now working on matching mittens
4. Lacey capelet knit out of best friend's handspun (I'm shooting for her january b'day 08 on this one...and not even cast on yet....)

5. Wool scarf for a man who works next door to my shop and shovels my walk (who went whacko and scarf necessary ~ abandoned!)

6. Black alpaca scarf for husband (who thinks he doesn't need a scarf...what the hell is wrong with him???) I'm thinking this is so not happening but Christmas is coming and I do have some black alpaca I was saving for much do I love him????

7. New as of 11/07 ~ Custom huge man sweater order ~ Mari pattern, placket hoodie with pocket and 58" chest ~ YIKES! Getting close to having the back finished

8. Knit bag for Gail at work in trade for lots of cones of yarn

9. Dye and knit hat for Sara at work

10. Test-felt hand-dyed mohair yarn for felted bag for Dodi at work

11. Hat and scarf for Billie at the antique shop where my booth is

12. Christmas socks for Mom and Dad (iffy!)

13. Baby Kimono from Lion Brand site for a distant cousin by marriage's baby shower on December 8th (bulky so yay!) I already have 2 hats for her and a small something else so I'm good so far...

And there's the Spinning UFO List (which does not constitute the huge amount of fiber I haven't even begun to spin yet!) I've vowed NOT to spin another thing until I finish these so...

1. Ply some dyed alpaca singles for sale in the shop ~ NOW A FO! Even washed and all that... And sold!

2. Finish plying my very first handspun sock yarn and make some sox! Plying is done but sox are a still a dream! (and I've discovered that the wool isn't really superwash but that's OK ~ at least I know!)

3. Finish spinning the rest of the "Jim's Special" roving I used to spin and knit Mom's Christmas shawl (spinning done but plying is not!)
FO! It's done and this reminds me...I spun it out in the washer this morning and it's still in there...YIKES! :)

4. Spin rest of hand-dyed alpaca and ply for shop DONE! (and sold :)

5. finish combing a cria fleece & spin

6. finish combing a wacky dyed shetland fleece and spin ~ DONE & Blogged on Yarn Tales!

7. Ply alpaca lace-weight on Bosworth Featherweight Spindle ~ help...this requires andean makes me procrastinate more than andean plying....

8. New as of 11/07 ~ custom spinning order ~ 4# of bearnese mountain dog hair and merino in bulky weight

9. Try and get more of this one roving I bought at Northern Michigan Lamb & Wool and spin up 8 oz total for Mom for Christmas (I have four ounces now)

10. Currently on spindles...11/07 ~ Rambouillet, black alpaca, red kid mohair on featherweight

Welcome UFO Knit Club Team Members!

I've finally created the so-far-really-simple blogs for us to use. This one is for maintaining your UFO lists and any personal info you want to share. You can post pics here if you like, etc. and you can maintain your list as well.


Please use ONE POST for yourself can come back to it at anytime and edit it as needed but I want to keep this as clean as possible from the standpoint of having each team member use one post to maintain this particular info. Please title your post here with your name or blogger handle (whichever you prefer to use) so that you can find yourself again :) If you use your first name, please include a last initial in case there are more than one of you with that first name.

We have another blog to post to in the "normal" manner...meaning that you can go there to post about your projects and progress in normal blogger creating a new post as you desire. It will be the main blog for us and the one you use most often. There will be a link at the top of the other blog back to this one so we can see each other's lists and info.
I hope this makes sense to you and if it doesn't, please get in touch with Leah on the yahoo list and we'll fix you up!
I'll post my list so that you can see what I mean and I'll be editing it later...for now, I just want to get one up there as an example :)

So, get busy and post those lists UFO Knitters!