Friday, January 26, 2007

Phyl in Redford

I sincerely hope that posting with others will encourage me (okay, kick me in the @$$) to finish some of these UFOs before starting others. I seem to have a terrible case of cast-on-itis. I picked up my needles about 10 months ago after a 20 year hiatus. Guess I've been trying to make up for lost time. On the needles currently:
a. 4 shawls
b. 4 pairs of socks
c. a twisted lace scarf
d. mittens that are about to be frogged.

Add to that, I've decided to learn to use a drop spindle. And I have several patterns sitting, begging to be knit.

On a positive note, I have managed to not cast on more socks until at least one more pair is finished. I have one pair of socks (actually 1/2 of the first sock) that I'll probably frog. Not in love with the pattern. And one of the shawls is a repeat of a pattern finished in a similar yarn, so I could probably reduce my UFOs by frogging it. I'll never understand the people who can work on a single project at a time.

1-30-07 Update
Frogged one shawl, a silk modular tie (that I forgot to list), a bag (that I forgot to list because I hate the yarn!), the mittens, and I'm going to frog one pair of socks — if I can find them. Add to the list one pullover sweater with about 2 inches of the back done. With that small a start, does it really count as a UFO?

Had one toe-up sock almost finished when I decided that I could not live with the color pooling at the front of the ankle. Frogged it back to where the gusset started and switched to a different heel. It's back up to the leg patterning, and no pooling this time. Not crazy about the heel, but it's better than the color pooling.

2-10-07 Update
Finished my Monkey socks and frogged 2 other pairs. One I just plain didn't like and the other was coming out too small. After finishing Monkey, I started a new pair with some Tofutsies, so I now only have 2 pairs started, the Tofutsies and some Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch. Oh, and I also frogged one of the shawls last week. Now if I could just manage to clean my office...


Elysbeth said...

Perhaps we should schedule a frogging party. We could pick a day and time, sit down with a cool beverage, a video, a ballwinder, and let'er RIP!

I totally agree with not understanding those mature people who only do one project at a time. I was monogamous for the Olympics, and sick to death of it by the end. : )

What's a twisted lace scarf?

Leah said...

You're in good company here, I believe, with the cast-on-itis ;> I have always had a severe case of that myself.

I think a frogging party sounds good...someone (Elysbeth?) want to work on that for us? I'm not sure I have things to frog ... oh wait! I do have one thing at least.

Elysbeth said...

Your socks are lovely and congratulations on the decision/maturity to frog the others. My mind reels at the thought of frogging a shawl. You are a brave woman.